Taking care of the planet

Specta is in receipt of a thank you letter from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia. The government appreciates our efforts in waste recycling. 

Specta produces PET packaging tape from recycled plastic.  More than 300 million PET bottles were given a new lease on life through our company’s efforts last year.  Just imagine the mountain those bottles would make, had they been shipped off to a landfill to pollute the environment!  Now all that waste is back in business in the form of sought-after, durable packing tape.

In his letter, Minister of Natural Resources Dmitry Kobylkin thanked our company for its professionalism and its appreciable input towards the waste management reform.  We are glad that our hard work of many years has merited such high praise from experts, but to care for the environment is our overarching concern.  If we don’t do it, who will? 


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