SPECTA for woodworking industry of Siberia. Exhibition “ExpoDrev 2013”
SPECTA for woodworking industry of Siberia. Exhibition “ExpoDrev 2013”

The 15th woodworking international exhibition “ExpoDrev 2013” took place in Krasnoyarsk from 10 till 13th of September. The exhibition housed over 180 companies from timber industry. I means that this year the exposition increased by 70%! And over 40% of new companies joined the fair.

Today the ExpoDrev project is also supported by VDMA – German Machine Builders Union.

55 foreign companies from Finland, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Austria, China, Latvia, USA, Japan, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Turkey, France took part in the fair, among them 12 Germany companies, 10 big woodworking enterprises from Finland, 8 Sweden production plants and many others. It shows the rising interest to the timber sector in Siberia.

SPECTA traditionally participated in the event and exhibited packing materials of its own production:

– Packing steel straps SPECTA PRIMA

– Packing polyester (PET) straps SPECTA BRAVA, SPECTA ALTO

-mechanical tools for steel strap KRONOS 431L/ 425L /426 R/ 420/ 416/ 428

-battery tools for PET strap ASAHI 823/ 845

-pneumatic tools for PET strap MIKADO 819

-mechanical tools for PET strap ARGOS 850/851 NEW

-protective packing PP film for sawn timber

-semi-automatic stretch-wrapping machine R 9.40

-semi-automatic equipment for PP strapping

antiseptics SINESTO B®

-protective edge boards

Visitors showed big interest in PET strap and PET strapping tools. SPECTA experts demonstrated tools and equipment in operation and consulted over 70 woodworking specialists on packaging their products.

The Governor of the Krasnoyarsk region was present at the exhibition and visited SPECTA booth.

The exhibition organizers awarded SPECTA with the Diploma of ExpoDrev Russia ’13.

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