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Specta has been two years in the Finnish end-user market and it was now the second time taking part in the Wood and Bioenergy biannual fair in Jyväskylä, Finland. This exhibition is the main get-together-event for Finnish sawmills and to their suppliers and service providers. During three days 2-4 September 5600 visitors were able to see the latest inventions of the woodworking industry.

Two years ago Specta was a new name and a new strap supplier for most of the customers, but today it was inspiring to notice how well the Specta brand was known on the market! At the booth Specta exhibited different brands of steel and PET strap for manual and automatic strapping and consulted visitors on packing solutions for their products. A new brand of PET strap Specta Brava and Specta Alto 32×1,2 that was presented for the first time drew special attention of the visitors. This strap has high break load and is specially designed for heavy industrial products.

Many customers were met and fruitful negotiations were held. Also several new contacts got our presentations for Specta Alto and Brava PET-strap and Specta Prima steel strap.

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