SPECTA strengthens its positions in Siberia

In order to meet the business objectives and implement the new strategy in Siberia, Specta has reshuffeled team and appointed new head for its office.

Mr. Roman Kochenov, who has been working in Specta since 2004, has been appointed on December 16th as Regional Director of Specta Siberia. The team is strengthened by two new experienced managers: Mr. Evgeni Gaskov and Mr. Maxim Borisov.

“As a production company, we see a lot of new opportunities to co-operate with our existing clients. There is always room for improvement in terms of client service, logistics and technical service. For us every client is important whether he is small, medium or large. Specta will differ from competitors by offering wide assortment of high quality products, on-time logistics and best technical service.” – says Mr. Kochenov.

SPECTA is well known not only as a supplier of automatic packing equipment and tools SPECTA ASAHI, SPECTA MIKADO, SPECTA ARGOS, SPECTA KRONOS and materials, but also as a reliable producer of steel strap SPECTA PRIMA and PET strap SPECTA BRAVA, the quality of which corresponds to the European standards, and that is an advantage to competitiveness.

Specta has for 10 years serviced many clients by supplying them plastic film for wood protection. According to new strategy, it will invest more efforts to satisfy its clients in all film supplies.

“Siberia has always been a strategically important focus area for Specta. I believe its vivid economic environment together with strong political management will further develop positively. Specta continues actively to participate to bring its input for the better transportation packing of Siberian companies, thus increasing their competitiveness in local and international market. For Specta the most important thing with clients is the long term mutual trust. That is the base for our new strategy, and the new team was accordingly appointed.” – concludes Erik Helin, President of Specta Group.

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