Specta relays its experience with young entrepreneurs at the Kostroma Economic Forum 2021

Kostroma Economic Forum (KEF) was conducted for 7th time on 26–29 May. The Specta Group became an official sponsor of KEF-2021.

The Kostroma Region Business Centre has emerged as a platform for attracting experienced businessmen, government officials, management of educational institutions and young entrepreneurs. The programme included a variety of events of different profiles: business dialogues, workshops, round tables, competitions and mind games.

Erik Helin, CEO of Specta Group, participated in the forum’s opening ceremony. He addressed the junior entrepreneurs in his speech, calling upon them to dare to dream, risk and create businesses of their own.
Irina Barnashova, HR Director, participated in the “Modern Entrepreneurship and the Education System: Problems and Development Practices” discussion panel. She shared her views on the contemporary system of training qualified personnel, discussed internship practices at the company and showed a video created by interns who spent two weeks at our company.

Sergey Sitnikov, the governor of Kostroma Region, participated in an extended session dedicated to entrepreneurship. During the same session, Irina Muromtseva, producer and presenter at the Channel One Russia, asked participants about their experience with running a business, their sources of optimism in these uncertain times of crisis and potential points of growth. Erik Helin reaffirmed the latter notion, saying that he views crisis periods as a chance for new opportunities: economic situations are cyclic in nature, and getting through the crisis successfully is quite possible with competent management and a strategic vision. In fact, this crisis is strengthening business and preparing it for future challenges. “Life is not all romance. Sometimes there’s struggle, which helps you better appreciate the romance,” he concluded.

That same day, the winners of the “Women Entrepreneur” competition were awarded. Businesswomen have competed in nominations like Successful Startup, Experienced Business, Kostroma Brand and others. As an official partner of the event, Specta presented its own award to Olesya Bogachyova, director of a small business manufacturing a range of Russian ‘valenki’ for the whole family. Specta’s criteria for the winner of this award involved respect for Russian traditions and the environment, the creation of something beautiful, as well as her own ability to charm others. The choice was not easy, but Olesya’s special award from our company was well-deserved.

This spring’s key business event concluded with a intellectual business quiz in which Team Specta participated. The opponents engaged in a battle of wits and erudition, all while exchanging experience. 

Specta would like to thank the organisers of the Forum and the Kostroma Region Administration for their outstanding work organising this event, putting together a highly relevant agenda and diversifying forms of interactions among colleagues and partners.

We can’t wait for the opportunity to continue this dialogue and make new exciting business acquaintances next year.

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