Specta received an award in the category «Health-improving Culture Development»
Specta received an award in the category «Health-improving Culture Development»

On 14 September, the SAP Digital Space hosted the award ceremony for the winners of the All-Russian competition “Investments in the Development of a Healthy Country. Best Corporate Practices – 2021” organized by the Russian Wellness Tourism Association. This year’s winners were chosen from more than 50 companies, both major well-known holdings and representatives of medium and small businesses. The Specta Wellness Marathon “Taking Care of Us” was chosen as the winner unanimously. This was particularly valuable, given that we competed with leading HR brands such as IKEA, Miele, Sibur, and others in this category.

To recall: the 3-month marathon brought together almost the entire Specta team as active marathoners and their supporters. It included webinars on nutrition, wellness practices, awareness, and various competitions. Employee engagement exceeded 80%. The marathon strengthened not only the psychological and physical health of the participants but became a great team building platform.

Specta is proud to receive the prestigious award and continues its journey towards wellness and awareness by following ESG principles and caring for human capital!

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