Specta pioneers – The first international industrial packing company to establish itself in Iran! A branch office in Teheran opened!

Specta increases capacity by 20% to meet the growing demand in Iranian market!

Dating back five millennia, Iran is an ancient power, possessing massive storage of oil and natural gas, thus actively promoting its metallurgy, chemical industry and machinery construction. Hence, Iran currently produces more steel than France, Spain or UK. Besides, available production capacity enables Iran to produce annually 24 mln tons of steel, which is twice as much as before sanctions were imposed. What’s more, the government intends to increase the production volumes up to 55 mln tons in the nearest 10 years.

Due to the fact that the majority of the population – 60% – is quite young (the average age of the nation is 28), the country’s production facilities are well-staffed. Undoubtedly, Iran, whose economy is growing and will become a strong one in the Middle East, is a strategically important business partner in the field of industrial packing.

Our company has been anxiously awaiting the sanction abolishment. The well-timed pre-marketing and testing activities have led by now to a solid co-operation with several steel and non-ferrous metallurgical as well as in glass production companies. In order to improve the service and speed, we decided to open an office in Teheran. Specta has become the first international company to enter the Iranian industrial packing market. This decision has already brought promising initial contracts.

The Teheran office will facilitate to build the strategic relationships with all stakeholders as well as operationally provide the excellent service.

Our products’ top quality, reliable shipments through Anzali port or from Dubai and long-standing application experience with metallurgical industries of Europe, Middle East and Russia are welcomed by many clients and partners in Iran.

While the global steel market is suffering a downtrend, Specta’s clients have enjoyed steady production volumes, which, in turn, have ensured Specta being able to produce at full capacity. With the growing demand in Iran, Specta needed additional capacity. For this purpose in 2016 it has implemented an investment, which has increased our strapping production capacity by 20%.

“The decision to be the first industrial packing company in Iran is truly a historic event for the market. The significance of the decision is to localize the knowledge, expertise and make the world class strapping and labeling products available for Iranian industries! Having personally visited many plants in Iran, we have been truly amazed how skilled the local management is when evaluating the total costs and total benefits of Specta solutions. People are analyzing, comparing, want to learn new things, and above all, want to have guaranteed high quality value. Specta’s strategy is to offer its Best Value in Use = Safety + Optimum Products + Consistent Quality at the Lowest Cost! We thank our existing Iranian partners for encouraging us to make this decision. Thus, we feel very welcomed in Iran! ” – highlights Mr Erik Helin, CEO of Specta Group

Ms Minoush Khodadad, Country Director continued: “ Specta’s references and experience with international companies will bring the latest application knowhow at the disposal of our clients.This will result in the improvement of quality of the transport packing, increase safety, upgrade the local packing standards to meet the export needs, and above all, provide economic savings by selection of optimum solution for each application. There is no more need for local companies to face nerve-breaking delays in communication, consultations or service. It is all promptly and locally available in Farsi!

I feel excited to be trusted to head Specta operations in my country”

Contact us at: Unit 18, No. 18, East Ghobadian Street, Africa Blvd., Teheran, Iran
Тел: +98 21 86080861

Minoush Khodadad, Country Director +98 912 41 63 567

Erik Helin, CEO + 971 558 451 615

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