Specta Pilot, a handy strap feeder, makes pallet strapping easy

Specta is constantly searching for new solutions to expand the packaging tool and equipment assortment that can be offered to clients. End of last year we introduced a new tool that can be used in a way very few people think of.

When a load on a pallet needs to be strapped, workers often have to use improvised tools or expedients to pass the strap under the pallet. Often, such tools get stuck under it, and the strap slides out of unreliable clips. Workers have to operate in an uncomfortable position, strain their backs, get on their knees, etc.

Unlike other tools of the type, unbendable, without a special strap grip, Specta Pilot is made of flexible carbon fiber composite and fixes the strap end reliably in the tip, shaped specifically to eliminate the tool blockage. Thanks to these features, handy strap feeder Specta Pilot allows working without unnecessary stress and inconveniences.

The main advantages of the tool are:      

  • Easiest and fastest way to feed the strap under the pallet;
  • Reliable grip of any type PET strap with the tool tip;
  • Flexibility enabling work from a standing position;
  • Doesn’t get stuck under the pallet.

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