Specta packaging strap wins the competition

In December 2016  Specta packaging strap again has become the winner in the competition “100 best products of Russia” in the nomination “Industrial products”. It is for the 5th time that Specta receives the diplomas.  The competition is targeted to support domestic producers and stimulate the production of high quality and competitive products.

What allows Specta products to keep this position for many years?  It is the all-time high quality that is under strict control during the whole production process and meets the demands of world standards.

The best reference of a factory is a big demand for its products. And today Specta steel and polyester strap is in great demand in steel fabrication and metal working sector, in tube, aluminium, woodworking and other industries. Every hour the factory produces 120 km of high quality packaging strap which is delivered to customers in Russia, CIS, Europe, Middle East and South Africa.

The wide range of Specta straps is constantly increasing. The plant develops new brands taking into consideration customers’ demands. In November the company launched the manufacture of a new polyester strap Specta Auris  with improved strength parameters.    

As raw material PET strap production uses recycled PET bottles   thus giving them “a second life”.  Plastic strap is also easily recycled.  All stages of the production process are environmentally friendly.


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