SPECTA opens up new facets of digital printing

The boldest design solutions in the field of packaging become available thanks to the full-colour digital printing line at the SPECTA’s factory.

With the launch of the full-colour digital printing machine, technical possibilities regarding the labeling and packaging of goods are growing.

Printing variable information is one of the major advantages of the new digital machine. Each following label can be unique in layout, shape, and size. This eliminates the need for expensive tooling and long setup times.

In the era of digital transformation, SPECTA’s new equipment allows for experimentation with printing and optimizes all production processes, reducing customers’ costs for packaging and labeling.

 “When preparing an investment project, we spent a lot of time choosing between the large variety of traditional and digital machines on the market, comments the technical director of SPECTA, Mikhail Gubanov. — However, considering the worldwide and Russian trend to expand the range, we came to the conclusion, that investing in a digital printing machine will open up new markets and diversify the solutions we offer. The advantages of using new equipment can also be attributed to a reduction of lead time, while simultaneously increasing the number of layouts with variable data. Technological features of the production complex allow us to produce label products from complicated and non-standard materials of the widest range of applications.”

SPECTA is now ready to offer packaging and labeling solutions that respond to all legal requirements for various fields: from metallurgy to light industry.

On the new line, it is possible to print circulation from 1 copy. Modern technology makes it possible to put necessary information into the already sealed material, as well as place text on the back of the label or tag.

Imprinted on such equipment, production does not require additional protection, and the latest generation of inks ensure brightness, colour accuracy, and high mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance.


SPECTA Group of companies — leading manufacturer and supplier of comprehensive solutions in the field of industrial packaging and labeling.

The manufacturer, equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and certified according to international standards ISO, is located in Kostroma.

In Russia and abroad, SPECTA is represented by 20 regional offices and service centers, which allows for quick responses to client needs and provision of reliable maintenance service equipment.

The key industrial clients of SPECTA are companies in the field of metallurgy, building materials, tube, woodworking, and cellulose-paper industries.

The reliability of SPECTA is validated by many years of experience with more than 2,500 enterprises: as with large international holdings, as well as companies in the segment of small and medium-sized businesses.

The company’s products are supplied to Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, and Africa.

In 2023 SPECTA will celebrate 30 years of successful work in the field of industrial packaging and labeling.


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