SPECTA opened another warehouse of packaging equipment and materials in the Urals

Following the strategic policy of company development and expansion of services SPECTA has opened a warehouse of packaging equipment and materials in the town of Chelyabinsk (the Urals region) this June.

For our customers it means on-the-spot reaction to their needs, quick and timely delivery of packing equipment and materials and more efficient service and maintenance.

Today the customers can buy directly from the warehouse steel strap SPECTA PRIMA, SPECTA FACTOR, SPECTA FORTE MODEX, SPECTA FORTE, polyester strap SPECTA BRAVA and SPECTA ALTO, strapping tools, seals, thermo transfer printers and marking materials.

Taking into consideration the production profile of the region and the customers’ specific needs SPECTA will offer them relevant packing equipment and individual packaging solutions, that will help forward the growth of clients’ business efficiency.


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