Specta new products at woodworking exhibition in Finland

The woodworking exhibition “PUU 2017” has just finished its work in  Jyväskylä, Finland. This year about 140 companies from different European countries presented their achievements, innovative machines, equipment and technologies.

Since 1989  the project  has  become internationally recognized by professionals of timber and woodworking industries. Fair participants and visitors found it a splendid opportunity to make new business contacts and share experience. Highlights and problems, new achievements, search for new ways of development in timber and woodworking complex were the topics of the main business activities at the exhibition.

The present exhibition showed that at the moment sawn timber and woodworking industry in Europe gains pace and seas bright future ahead.

Specta took part in the event and traditionally presented its new packaging products –polyester strap Specta Auris and Specta Virtus. Due to innovative technology of double embossing of the surface the straps manage to combine the two most important and at the same time contradicting strap properties – elasticity and strength. The straps have higher elongation that enables to keep the plastic properties even under high mechanical loads.

Battery PET strapping tool Specta Asahi Pro caught the interest of visitors as well. They could try it in operation and see how practical and user-friendly it is.

Specta also presented high quality steel strap Specta Prima and complex marking solutions comprising tags, labels and printers.

Specta experts consulted visitors of the booth on individual packing solutions for their products, held intensive talks on deliveries and came up to preliminary agreements.  


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