Specta has developed new labeling solutions for metallurgists

Testing of a new material designed specifically to be used in the metallurgical field has been completed by Specta engineers. Increased temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, and enhanced adhesion are the parameters that have been tested for the new material. Specta Ultraplast 813.AR has successfully passed tests and proved its right to be used in one of the most heavy-duty fields of production.

The new development will be used for hot-rolled products labeling. The material is a metallized hard film with enhanced adhesion. During the tests, it was proved that Specta Ultraplast 813.AR can withstand temperatures up to 260º C. It is important that labels made of this material can be repeatedly re-sticked without loss of adhesive properties.

The labels have a dirt-resistant surface, on which it is easy to put the information with a permanent marker without a threat of erasure. Innovative material Specta Ultraplast 813.AR does not tear, has increased abrasion resistance and provides a confident toner fixing.

To see the new product advantages personally, you can order test samples. To do this, just contact Specta’s manager and send him the dimensions and layout of the label you need. 





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