Specta Group CEO vaccinated with Sputnik V

As anti-Covid-19 vaccination kicked off on a mass scale in Russia, Specta’s top executives were quick to set a good example for employees.
Specta Group CEO Erik Helin and Production Development Director Yury Tevs received their shots a few days ago. Erik Helin shared his impressions of the vaccination with employees in an online conference.

Mr Helin did a lot of homework before deciding on Sputnik V. ‘To me, the question was not whether to vaccinate or not. That would be like choosing between getting a jab and being hooked up to a ventilator. My questions were when to do it and which vaccine to use. I decided to do it now. Soon it’s going to be spring, a time when immunity is down. In the meantime, new, more vicious virus strains could appear. And you better be healthy when you get the vaccine shot to reduce the impact of any possible side effects. I figured now is the best time to get that shot. While anti-Covid-19 vaccines are catastrophically undersupplied worldwide, they are easily available in Russia. There was no reason for me to postpone the decision. In a life-threatening situation, I prefer to defend myself pre-emptively. Vaccination could be compared to traffic regulations: when we follow the rules, we will fasten our seat belts to stay safe and keep others safe in an emergency.’

Erik Helin was just as serious about his choice of vaccine. After researching all vaccines available on the market, he decided on the Russian Sputnik V. ‘I am a prudent person. I trust tried and true technology,’ Specta Group’s CEO said. ‘Other international pharma leaders also use the same technology. Sputnik V is currently in the international spotlight. About 15 countries have certified it, which means the vaccine has been tested by many international virologists. Not a single reputable source has reported any proven risks or complications in connection with Sputnik V. It offers the best protection available at this time, with minimal side effects.’

Erik Helin felt fine after the vaccination. ‘My temperature went up a little, by about 1.1 degrees, but that was just my body responding to the vaccine, that’s normal. My temperature was back to normal already the next day, and I felt fine, as usual.’

It is important to be mindful of your overall health status when considering vaccination, and one should consult a physician. In his talk with employees, Mr Helin stressed that vaccination is every person’s own choice, but it is important to consider all pertinent factors and possible health risks.

Erik Helin is hopeful that the shot will keep the virus at bay and himself out of harm’s way all spring.

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