SPECTA celebrates 20th anniversary
SPECTA celebrates 20th anniversary


19 May SPECTA celebrates its 20th jubilee. The beginning was in 1993 when SPECTA opened a small office of 5 people in Moscow. 20 years imply great experience and big achievements in the field of industrial packaging and marking.

There was long way of start-up, development, creation of a regional network, launching of own production of steel and PET strap in Kostroma. Thanks to hard work and considered and balanced business strategy we successfully weathered the crises of 1998 and 2008. Now the company employs more than 180 employees.

Today SPECTA is the principal producer of steel and PET strap and the leader in packaging market in Russia and CIS. The quality of the strap is recognized not only in Russia but in 20 countries of Europe and Asia where the strap is successfully exported to.

SPECTA is also developing complex packing solutions which involve consultations, customer’s profit estimation, delivery of packing and marking equipment, assembling and full after-sale support. A regional net of 15 offices and warehouses makes it possible to stay close to the customers and quickly meet their demands.

SPECTA’s credibility as a reliable partner is proved by longstanding cooperation with the biggest Russian enterprises of steel, woodworking , construction and other industries.

The company is greeting its jubilee with good results: the production of steel strap achieved 35 000 tons per year, PET strap – 3 000 tons per year, the sales geography has considerably expanded , the export segment has been steadily increasing (has been trending upwards). Our future plans comprise modernization of steel strap production line and launching additional production facilities for PET strap.

We take this opportunity to thank our partners and customers for being with us along this long way and hope to continue further our fruitful cooperation.

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