Specta at the RSPM Council open meeting

On 26 October, the Council of the Russian Union of Metal Suppliers held an open meeting in Moscow.

The Council members exchanged opinions on the current situation on the Russian and global metals markets.

In particular, they discussed the current upward trend in prices for various types of rolled metal products, its causes and drivers, and how long this trend will last.

Alexey Efimov, director general of Metal-Expo, told about the program of the 27th International Industrial Exhibition Metal-Expo’2021 and Metal Week events in Moscow (November 8-12).

Alexander Romanov, RSPM President, summed up the results of the events of the second half of 2021 and spoke about the plans for 2022.

Specta Group was represented by Artem Volkov, Development Director of the Packaging Straps business division.

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