SPECTA and SVEZA signed the Climate Memorandum developed by SEVERSTAL

PAO Severstal, one of the world’s leading vertically integrated steel and steel-related mining companies, is pleased to announce the two new partners who have joined the Climate Memorandum “Together towards a Low-Carbon Future”.  The Memorandum has been developed in support of global efforts to prevent further climate change.

On 29 November, Severstal representatives signed agreements with SPECTA and Sveza companies at the Embassy of Finland in Moscow at the Finnish-Russian meeting of ESG directors with the participation of the Ambassador Antti Helanterä.

Current climate change is unprecedented in its pace and magnitude in the history of humankind. Its negative consequences are evident in terms of sustainable economic development, community wellbeing, nature conservation and biodiversity. “Severstal was one of the first Russian steel producers to calculate Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions. We are also working closely with companies contributing to reducing emissions in Severstal’s supply chain to help them reduce their carbon footprint.

“Severstal has a strong focus on climate change and not only works hard to minimize its carbon footprint, but also tries to engage new partners in joint initiatives in this area. “I am glad to witness that the business community supported our initiative, and the number of partners is growing and will continue to expand with environmentally responsible companies and organizations that share our concerns about climate change,” commented Alexander Shevelev, CEO of Severstal.

“We are pleased to be part of the community of companies that have signed the Climate Memorandum. “Sveza follows its development strategy, which enshrines the principles of responsible attitude to nature and the right of future generations to a clean planet. We are using all available formats of stakeholder engagement to promote positive change in terms of reducing environmental damage. We are especially pleased to sign this document today together with our trusted partners Severstal and Specta, and to continue our cooperation on a new level,” said Anatoly Frishman, CEO of Sveza.

“The ESG principles were laid down by Specta Group from the very beginning of organizing the production of packaging materials in Kostroma. As a result of consistent long-term policy Specta is steadily moving towards carbon neutrality. The company has done a lot of work to reduce energy consumption per unit of product. In addition, at the production of polyester packaging strap we have managed to bring the share of recycled raw materials to 100%, which demonstrates the high level of carbon handprint.

Specta’s cooperation with Severstal and Sveza is a clear example of the circular economy. This unique structure strengthens our connection not only on a business level – it helps us think in the same categories. We welcome Severstal’s initiative to create a Climate Memorandum for its partners. This is a vivid example of how a common goal – achieving carbon neutrality to combat global warming – unites companies of different sizes,” said Specta Group’s CEO Erik Helin.

The Memorandum contains five guidelines as well as recommendations for their implementation. Those who support the Memorandum commit to:
· implementing the climate agenda in the practice of corporate governance;
· assessing greenhouse gas emissions and setting targets for their reduction;
· managing climate risks and adapting to climate change;
· supporting the development and implementation of low-carbon technologies; 
· building climate-responsible interaction with stakeholders.

The full version of the document:


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