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Gifted youth has received awards from Specta

Advisory committee of the charity fund “The country of thousand lakes” named the best students who will receive grants and special scholarships from Specta. Traditionally, annual awarding of the most talented and promising charges of the fund takes place in summer, after all the necessary documents have been considered.

The applicants for grants and scholarships were the students who successfully finished the academic year — but at the same time, the committee considered not only the marks, but also the results of scientific activity. In spite of the very young age, the winners of the grant contest do serious scientific projects, publish synopsis in scientific journals and get top places at Russian conferences. The range of their interests is extremely wide: from biotechnologies to labour protection.

By the contest results, in the framework of the grant program, the material support was provided for four students of the Kostroma State University. The holder of special scholarship was also defined — a student from Kostroma State Technical University.

We would like to remind you that the charity fund “The country of thousand lakes” was founded six years ago by the initiative of the company president Erik Helin. The money of the fund is formed from the personal donations of Erik and Natasha Helin, as well as those made by friends and partners of Specta.

The fund is actively involved in development of regional educational programs and supports gifted students and schoolchildren of the Kostroma region. The fund pays special attention to talented children deprived of family support. Specta regularly holds charity events in orphanages and support centres, stimulating in children interest to education and self-development by means of modern information technologies.

Everybody can contribute to the future of these children — you can make a charity donation to the fund to banking details provided at Specta website.

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