Reliable label for any surface

You think there is already labelling solution for any kind of surface or conditions, we say let us show you something new! Premium material Ultraplast 102 SP+ is designed for the various product labeling in engineering, automotive and chemical industries.   

The main feature of the material is an adhesive specially designed to be used in the engine compartment of a car. It is widely used for vulcanization in the process of various types of tires manufacture.

It has a sustainable adhesion to oily and contaminated surfaces.

The matte surface provides variability in the ribbons selection and good toner anchorage.

You can write information using a pen, a marker, and a pencil.

To order test samples, please send the dimensions and a layout of the required Specta Ultraplast 102 SP+ label  to your Specta Manager or contact us by: +7 (4942) 49-19-19, +7 (495) 956 54 21,

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