PET strap of European quality – SPECTA BRAVA и SPECTA ALTO

On 14-18 June one of the key international packaging exhibitions “ROSUPAK 2011” took place in Moscow. Every year hundreds of the biggest Russian and foreign producers of packaging products come here to share their innovations and developments. This year more than 700 exponents from 30 countries showed their expositions. During 5 exhibitions days about 20 000 visitors came to the fair.

As a big player of packaging market SPECTA could not ignore significant events. While taking part in ROSUPAK, we tried not only to draw visitors’ attention to extraordinary exposition but also outlined the scale of company business and presented new products and new partnership possibilities.

This time SPECTA exhibited new products – PET strap SPECTA BRAVA and SPECTA ALTO. This Russian strap of high European quality is produced on the basis of new technologies at our own plant in Kostroma. Today PET strapping gains momentum and becomes very popular as it meets the requirements of the Russian market, which is growing very fast guided by experience of European countries. At our booth visitors could test the strength of PET strap and check the published figures to make sure the quality meets world standards.

High interest was caused by pneumatic, battery and manual tools for PET strapping: SPECTA ASAHI, SPECTA MIKADO and SPECTA ARGOS. They are easy to use, of comfortable design and of high quality, all this made them attractive for clients.

Automatic equipment for strapping and stretch film wrapping presented at the exhibition was of great interest for big and small enterprises, as it can be produced for the requested capacity and at the individual clients requirements.

Another direction demonstrated by Specta was marking. At our booth visitors could see marking equipment and materials : thermo transfer printers Spectra and high tensile tags and labels SPECTA POLYPLAST, SPECTA ULTRAPLAST,SPECTA TERMOPLAST.

Important is the fact that our booth welcomed a lot of foreign visitors interested in our partnership. It proves once again that the high quality of our products meets world standards, and this gives us greater opportunities for export.

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