Packing Strap SPECTA – the Winner of 100 Russian Best Goods 2012 Contest

Last week 15th Anniversary Russian Contest “100 Russian Best Goods” results were announced and winners received their awards. The key goal of the contest is to motivate enterprises, including small and medium-sized companies, to produce competitive goods and fill consumer market with high-quality goods and services. This year Kostroma has a good yield: 21 products and services from 19 enterprises of Kostroma have received diplomas.

SPECTA Company exhibited at the contest steel and polyester straps of domestic production. It is produced at VolgaStrap LLC factory in Kostroma city. Steel strap SPECTA has become a laureate of the contest, and polyester strap SPECTA received diploma in nomination “Production and technical purposes goods”.

As the winner of the contest we got the right to mark our products with logo of “100 Russian Best Goods” during 2 years. This is not the first award in this contest, in 2008 year steel strap SPECTA PRIMA was also a laureate.

These awards confirm high quality and reliability of steel and polyester straps SPECTA that are widely used for industrial goods strapping in various fields.

Victory in the contest gives us a real chance to increase goods competitiveness, expand production scale and access to new markets.

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