Packing and marking to help woodworkers

The International Exhibition “ExpoDrev 2018”, where the cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment in the timber industry were presented, was completed on September 7 in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Over one hundred of world producers from 14 countries took part in its work. 1500 specialists from 900 companies visited the exhibition within four days.

Specta presented complex packaging and marking solutions for the products of wood processing enterprises.

At the company stand, the visitors could see in operation a semi-automatic machine R9 for sawn wood wrapping with a stretch film and could work with packing tools designed to strap cargoes with steel and PET straps.  The tools were represented by various models: pneumatic Specta Mikado, electric Specta Asahi, mechanical Specta Argos and Specta Kronos.  Visitors liked the tool ergonomics and ease of handling. The company’s specialists also provide a full service of equipment and tools.

A wide range of exhibited steel and polyester packaging strap of Specta own production enables the customers to make an optimal selection of the strap suitable for their specific products. The visitors were highly interested in Specta Optima and Specta Auris polyester straps, that have high elongation and shock absorption ability, which is especially important when strapping the packaged goods.

To protect the wood from fungus, mold, and rot, Specta introduced an antiseptic agent Sinesto ®, registered in more than 20 countries of the world and occupying a leading position in Europe among similar agents.

To protect bundles of sawn wood from the environment effect, Specta offers a protective packaging film based on high-density polyethylene, which is able to protect against ultraviolet and infrared radiation and also is resistant to low temperatures. 

Nowadays the correct and accurate labeling of products is a must. Specta‘s comprehensive labeling solutions include thermal transfer printers, ribbons, high-strength marking materials: tags and labels of company’s own production Specta Papyrus, Specta Ultraplast, and Specta Polyplast that can withstand the hard weather conditions, high temperatures, and the effects of various chemicals.

The company’s specialists gave more than 100 consultations on the packaging of specific products of manufacturers and on the optimal selection of an appropriate tool and packaging strap, held a series of negotiations with their partners and potential customers, studied trends in the modern market of the wood processing industry.

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