Packaging – a key to increase competitiveness. Specta at RosUpack 2014 exhibition in Moscow

The 19th International Exhibition for the Packaging Industry RosUpack took place at IEC “Crocus Expo” in Moscow on 17 – 20 of June, 2014.

There were over 700 exhibitors from 38 countries, among them Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, USA, Japan, France, Belgium and others. Due to many new participants the exhibition increased its space to 4 big halls.

The exhibitors presented new technological solutions and elaborations in the packaging industry. On the whole they proved the world tendency of searching possibilities of better packaging consumer properties and reduction of prime cost growth.

Being sensitive to modern demands Specta company has also worked out new products for the packaging market. Those are the latest models of strapping tools SPECTA ASAHI PRO, SPECTA ATLAS, SPECTA KRONOS ST25, SPECTA ARGOS 850 that are widely used for strapping construction materials, fibre boards, plywood, bricks, glass, sawn wood and other products.

Besides the standard coils of polyester strap SPECTA BRAVA, SPECTA ALTO, SPECTA OPTIMA the visitors were presented Jumbo coil of 80 kgs which is specially targeted for automatic strapping. Its application reduces the time for changing the coils and insures strap saving.

The steel strap SPECTA PRIMA and SPECTA FACTOR was also popular with the visitors.

Special attention was paid to automatic PET strapping machine SPECTA VR88 which can be custom-fabricated and easily integrated into client’s production line.

The exhibited machine SPECTA R9.62 is a good solution for stretch-film wrapping of long-sized goods. SPECTA experts gave a lot of consultations on different optimal packing solutions for certain products.

Semi-automatic strapping machine SPECTA TR 206 is a good solution for companies with small production volumes. It offers a quick and easy PP strapping process of small products and boxes.

Modern marking expects bar-coding, industrial printers and reliable marking materials. And here Specta offered interesting versions of thermo transfer printers, stickers for easy and difficult surfaces and tags, including high temperature materials.

RosUpack 2014 demonstrated the possibilities of modern packing materials and equipment. Summing it up we can say that modern packaging is a key to increase of your products competitiveness.

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