Optional certification is the way chosen by Specta

The products our company makes are not listed as requiring mandatory certification.  But as we put customer loyalty above everything else, our management has decided to go ahead and have our products certified. 

To millions of Russians, a GOST R seal of compliance signifies top quality and strict adherence to national standards.  From now on, our customers can rest assured that our products meet the highest standards there are.  We know that customer confidence will help us expand sales across Russia and beyond. 

A voluntarily obtained GOST certificate will make up the minds of those consumers who are still debating which brand to choose.  GOST certification will certainly raise our products’ competitive profile in relation to a multitude of other packaging solutions. 

Specta has by now obtained GOST R certification for its labelling solutions, seals, steel and PET strap.

сертификат ГОСТ на стальную ленту   сертификат ГОСТ на пэт-ленту   сертификат ГОСТ на маркировку   сертификат ГОСТ на замки


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