Only the best: Moscow saw the anniversary exhibition Metal-Expo’2019

Specta products presented at the 25th Metal Expo exhibition attracted interest of Grigoriy Fedorishin, Chairman  of NLMK Group board.  During Expo, Specta stand received much attention – about 300 experts from domestic and foreign businesses visited it.

Comprehensive packaging and labeling solutions for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy were presented at the stand. Visitors were impressed with Specta’s automatic machine for strapping metal products with steel strap. Stand consultants demonstrated its advantages – the machine can reduce time for packing products, as well as optimize costs and improve the quality of packaging.

Representatives of metallurgical companies turned their attention to a great range of Specta high tensile steel straps designed for extremely heavy loads.

During the expo, a new model of a mobile battery-operated tool was presented. Visitors could assess the new device named Asahi 865 and test it directly at the stand. The tool works with wide (25-32 mm) polyester strap designed for heavy goods in metallurgical industry.

Specta also presented a chopper designed for cutting  steel and plastic strap leftovers.  The use of the chopper helps to reduce waste disposal costs of packing straps.

Specta products have gained trust of manufacturers a long time ago. Company’s regular customers and new partners were pleased to see its innovations in labeling. Thermal transfer printers,  tags and Ultraplast  labels made of cutting edge extra strong materials are widely used in metallurgy and are always in demand.

Yet again Specta representatives could see that Metal Expo is an effective tool for developing mutually beneficial cooperation in various areas and an effective platform for demonstrating corporate achievements.

Within the few days Specta managers had lots of meetings with partners and customers; the stand was visited by executives from the largest steel mills of Russia, including Grigoriy Fedorishin, President and Chairman of the Board of NLMK Group. Specta signed long-term contracts and reached certain agreements with suppliers.






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