On the 25-th anniversary SPECTA gave gifts to its employees … and environment

On the 25-th anniversary SPECTA gave gifts to its employees … and environment

One and a half million of plastic bottles – this quantity is recycled by SPECTA every day. Such capacities were achieved due to a new polyester strap production line. Its opening ceremony was held on the 8 of May. In such a way, launching a new line SPECTA celebrated its 25-th anniversary.

Friends and colleagues from RUMSS arrived to congratulate partners. SPECTA has long-term warm relations with this society of highly skilled metallurgical specialists. Besides them customers and business partners – representatives of metallurgical, construction and woodworking companies from the whole Russia arrived to congratulate friends who provide them with high-quality strapping products.

At SPECTA they could fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of production: at first they learnt all the details and special features of materials for strapping different products from the informative presentation and then the theory was translated into practice. Guests observed a working process at five production lines of the company and then in a workshop they tried to strap goods by themselves using different strapping tools that SPECTA helps to develop.

Colleagues and partners were impressed by SPECTA increased capacities. Due to a new production line polyester strap output will increase at once up to 15 000 tons a year. This quantity will be enough to wrap the Earth 15 times!

Denis Zavyalov, General Director of “Specta Interpack” told that utility waste recycling helps to clean hundreds of disposal sites all over the Russia from plastic garbage. “Polyester contrary to cardboard and paper degrades during very long time. Its decay period is 300 years. Therefore it is one of the most important problems including ecological one that we solve for our country”, – explained Mr. Zavyalov.

But SPECTA takes care not only of environmental well-being but also of its employees’ health. On the company’s anniversary there was opened a well-equipped modern gym where they can recreate themselves in spare time. SPECTA appreciates every employee and is always interested in new qualified personnel. Soon the company will need even more new specialists – SPECTA is going to create new jobs and invest in construction of a new production warehouse.

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