North American Railroads Open for Specta

High quality of Specta plastic packing strap has been proved again this year with successful certification from the Association of American Railroads (AAR). AAR is responsible for defining standards and specifications for components ensuring acceptable level of safety on railroads.

Samples of plastic packing straps and strap joints were sent to AAR for testing, after which Specta company was put on the list among other approved plastic packing strap manufacturers and vendors yet again. Let us remind you, that in spring of 2019 our company already entered the list as a steel packing strap manufacturer.

AAR approval allows supplying packing strap to AAR associates and affiliates, and using the approved Specta strap types for railroad cargo transportation all over America!

The approval will essentially expand geography of Specta supplies and increase the number of potential clients, like those in the US heavy industry. Most industrial cargoes are delivered by railroad, and all packing straps used have to pass AAR testing. According to the Association requirements, only the approved straps may be used for transportation on open platforms, the Association imposes the strictest requirements on this type of transportation.

AAR approval means that Specta packing strap meets safety requirements and is a top-quality product. AAR certification proves again that Specta produces reliable up-to-date packing materials approved globally. From now on, Specta strap may be widely presented at the United States market and used for packing different goods in various transportation conditions.

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