New warehouse — new opportunities

Due to the production increase and launching the fourth polyester strap line, Specta has extended its storage capacity and introduced a new warehouse with an area of 1000 m² at its plant in Kostroma. The warehouse will be used to form the stock of finished products and store steel and polyester packaging strap and PET flakes which are raw materials for plastic strap production.

With the applied advanced technologies and equipment which are new for SPECTA, the warehouse complies with the high standards of warehouse logistics. It also has three load windows meeting the European standards. The unique VNA truck is used to arrange finished PET products on racks. The truck is enabled to move between racks with a distance not exceeding 1.8 m.

Expansion of storage capacity will improve planning of production and stock reserves and increase the efficiency of shipments to the company’s customers and regional warehouses.

In December 2018, the company also started using 40-feet wide containers to ship polyethylene strap from the terminals of Moscow and the Moscow region, which will reduce the time of delivery to customers. The load time of such containers is about 15 minutes, which is almost 3 times less than that of standard containers.

Alexey Shalaev, Warehouse Logistics Manager, describes the advantages of the new warehouse.
“The new warehouse has introduced a targeted system of storing finished products. This allows for speeding up the process of selection and shipment of products.
With this system, each pallet is in its proper place, which prevents stocks discrepancy during shipment.
It is for the first time ever that the height of stored pallets of steel strap has reached 8 meters. At the moment we store them on 7-tiered racks. We use reliable Finnish equipment to place cargoes weighing 2,200 kg even on the upper tiers.
With the use of VNA truck, the speed of processing PET products has increased by 4 times. And since the finished products and shipping areas are within a single location now, we have reduced the time of loading up one vehicle/container by 3 times.
The new warehouse has a video surveillance system, and in case of possible claims concerning the quantity of shipped pallets you can watch the video of the loading process.”


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