New Specta Developments for Non-ferrous Metal Producers

On September 10 – 14, Krasnoyarsk hosted the 10th International Non-Ferrous Metals and Minerals Congress and Exhibition, during which various events were held: presentations, seminars and round tables on the extraction, processing and production of non-ferrous metals, including the conference Aluminium of Siberia.

Specta took part in the Congress and Exhibition and presented integrated solutions for packaging and labelling of non-ferrous metals. The Company showcased its developments in the area of packaging and labelling materials, as well as demonstrated its packaging tools in operation. The models of the new battery device Specta Asahi 865 and mechanical machine Specta Kronos 490 shown at the event were especially appreciated by industry representatives for their small size and portability.

Specta steel and polyester packaging straps are already well known among non-ferrous metal producers. This time, they had a chance to see the new sizes of the polyester straps specifically designed for heavy loads.

Guests also took a special interest in high-strength Specta Ultraplast and Specta Polyplast tags and labels for product labelling, which showed high resistance to temperature, moisture, oils and alkalis.

The Congress provided guests with an excellent opportunity to get involved in discussions on relevant issues, network and conduct business talks. Visits to facilities producing alumina, aluminium and finished aluminium products were both informative and useful.


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