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LLC “VolgaStrap” is expanding the production

SPECTA has successfully released the start-up of a metal-roll slitting cutter in June on the LLC “VolgaStrap” enterprise. We cooperated closely with the equipment suppliers and found a number of new technical decisions, which have not been used till present days in similar machine design.

Today we can say that we have full-fledged section of initial metal-roll slitter that prepares metal for the next step of high-tensile steel strap production. Slitter allows us to avoid purchasing cut metal-roll. Metal suppliers do not always have necessary sizes that surely can affect the end production delivery terms. Now we can avoid this risky factor and supply our clients with steel packing strap SPECTA PRIMA, SPECTA FACTOR, SPECTA FORTE MODEX, SPECTA FORTE  in shortest terms.

Slitter helps on to improve the quality control of raw materials, and gives the possibility to be more flexible with the metal-roll suppliers. In case of any force-majeure circumstances we can immediately redistribute metal rolling for production of necessary straps. Finally for the client it means improvement of quality control and steel strap delivery terms.

And one more positive moment: creation of new job positions that is also important for Kostroma business structure.

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