New products for woodworkers from SPECTA
New products for woodworkers from SPECTA

The 5th International Specialized Exhibition “Tekhno Drev Siberia” was held in Krasnoyarsk from 13th till 16th September. The exhibition was organized with the support of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Government and is a part of All-Russian timber industry exhibitions chain “TEKHNO DREV”.

The main exhibition goals and tasks were: to show the newest samples of equipment for timber, woodworking and furniture industries; to broaden interindustrial and interregional relations; to promote into the regional markets advanced manufacturing technologies, equipment and instruments for timber industry.

More than 120 companies from different Russian regions and also Turkey, Finland, Slovenia, Belorussia, USA, Italy, China, Germany, Taiwan, Latvia, Austria, Romania, Japan, Switzerland took part in “Tekhno Drev 2011 Siberia”.

At the exhibition Specta presented its new products – high-quality plastic straps SPECTA BRAVA and SPECTA ALTO. These straps are produced on the newest industrial line in Kostroma and are noted for stable geometric and mechanical characteristics along the full length.

Specta also demonstrated the following packing equipment and materials:

  • Semi-automatic machine for horizontal wrapping with stretch-film AREA R9.60;
  • Semi-automatic machine for PP-strapping TP 206;
  • tools for steel and plastic strapping SPECTA KRONOS, SPECTA ASAHI, SPECTA MIKADO, SPECTA ARGOS;
  • Steel strap SPECTA PRIMA;
  • Protective wrapping film produced in Russia and Korea for timbering;
  • Protective cardboard moisture resistant edge boards;
  • Antiseptic agents for timber SINESTO® and Wolmanit®.

More than 150 representatives from various woodworking companies visited our stand at the exhibition. We have gained many new business contacts with enterprises in Siberia and the Far East. The visitors of our booth were especially interested in semi-automatic machine AREA R9.60 and domestic manufactured PET-strap.

As a result the exhibition organizers rewarded “Specta Interpak” with a Tekhno Drev 2011 Siberia Diploma for the promotion of new products in the Siberian market.

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