New product from VolgaStrap – SPECTA BRAVA and SPECTA ALTO for Russian companies
New product from VolgaStrap – SPECTA BRAVA and SPECTA ALTO for Russian companies

Let’s see what are the advantages of SPECTA BRAVA and SPECTA ALTO.

For today they are:

  • Use of the innovation technologies and modern German equipment;
  • Stable quality;
  • Relevance of geometric and strength characteristics to world standards;
  • A possibility of use with most of packing machines existing in the market including automatic equipment

Quality is in the first place at SPECTA, thus the quality control is made on all stages of PET strap production. As the strap is made from recycled materials and its quality control requires special attention and additional investments, we equipped our laboratory with the modern European equipment , which allows to control the raw materials quality and the process of PET production.


The peculiarity of straps SPECTA BRAVA and SPECTA ALTO is the stability of geometric and strength characteristics over all strap length. We have made a huge work on production line improvement and developed a system of constant quality control, and as a result our clients can be sure in quality of each meter of straps SPECTA BRAVA and SPECTA ALTO.

Thanks to qualified personnel with long term experience in such production, we managed to speed up the commissioning of the line and reach the required parameters of PET straps in the shortest terms. The strap has successfully passed all tests and is shipped to clients.

Within 18 years of work in the packaging market we have got huge experience in industrial testing and in the right choice of strap for each case, thus we know what client would like to get. We have developed special strap compositions for each type of packaging taking into account product type and equipment of our client – manual, with the friction welding and automatic equipment.

Due to the wide regional network of offices and warehouses all over Russia and Ukraine, we are closer to our clients and this makes purchases of small orders easier, and shorten delivery terms. Our specialists will quickly help you to find optimal strap type for your products and offer complex solution on transport package, choose strapping tools and provide after sales service. The logistics department controls the availability of products in regional warehouses.

For clients’ comfort SPECTA has all range of necessary equipment for PET strapping including automatic, semi-automatiс equipment and strapping tools: battery SPECTA ASAHI, pneumatic SPECTA MIKADO, manual SPECTA ARGOS. Our complex solution – tools SPECTA and strap SPECTA BRAVA and SPECTA ALTO – guarantees full compatibility of strap and tools. Obtaining this solution you can avoid all risks of compatibility. Our tools are successfully used by Arkhangelsky LDK №3, Novoeniseysky LHK, Cronostar, Fanplit and many other factories.


Commissioning of production of modern PET straps SPECTA BRAVА and SPECTA ALTO allows SPECTA to guarantee stable quality and timely deliveries of one of the most important packaging material.

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