New Packing Solutions for Woodworkers
New Packing Solutions for Woodworkers

The 15th International specialized exhibition TEKHNO DREV was finished on the 6th of October, 2011 in Saint Petersburg. It was held in the frame of the 13th Petersburg International Woodworking forum jointly with exhibitions “Transles”, “Wooden Building” and “Russian Regions. Timber Industry Complex Potential”.

At the exhibition SPECTA presented complex packing and marking solutions for woodworking industry.

SPECTA has a great variety of solutions satisfying woodworkers’ growing demands in good-quality timber and lumber packaging and protection. Now SPECTA has expanded the production line and presented high quality steel strap SPECTA PRIMA, SPECTA CLASSIC and PET-strap SPECTA BRAVA, SPECTA ALTO of domestic production. These straps are produced according to European norms and standards. The possibility to print a logo on the strap surface makes customer’s production recognizable and promotes his brand.

At the exhibition SPECTA showed:

  • Semi-automatic wrapping with stretch-film machine AREA R9.60. It’s compact size is optimal in the circumstances of restricted space;
  • Modern steel strapping machines SPECTA KRONOS, SPECTA ASAHI, SPECTA MIKADO, SPECTA ARGOS intended for production of different shapes;
  • Semi-automatic strapping table for compact loads strapping with polypropylene strap;
  • Wrapping film on polyethylene base with infrared and ultraviolet radiation protection for lumber;
  • Anti-septic agents for timber protection against fungus, mould, rot and insects SINESTO® and Wolmanit®.

It was also possible to get individual consultations by SPECTA specialists for certain production packaging.

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