New packaging product for metallurgy sector from SPECTA

The 21st International Industrial Exhibition Metal-Expo’2015 the main event in the steel industry was held on November 10-13 in Moscow.

The exhibition brought together 570 companies from 35 countries and over 27 000 visitors from steel fabrication and metal working sector.

These figures prove non-decreasing interest in this fair and Russian metallurgy. The exhibition demonstrated that metallurgical industry is adapting to new economic realities when the world steel market is under pressure. Adaptation is mainly taking place in new operational models, more efficient business process and new investments which result in diversification of general portfolio.

Specta has participated in Metal-Expo 2015 presenting a new brand of high tensile steel strap Specta Delta specially designed for packaging of heavy and hot products, including strapping of hot rolled metals with thickness up to 25mm, as well as metal pipes, ingots of different alloys, bars, rods etc. Higher strap elongation allows to endure bigger break loads and keep the integrity of the strapped package. Among the exhibits there were well-known steel packaging straps Specta Prima, Specta Factor and Specta Forte in standard coils for automatic and manual strapping, and Jumbo and Super Jumbo coils for automatic strapping.

Specta exhibited a full assortment of strapping tools: pneumatic, battery and manual that were demonstrated in operation and attracted a lot of visitors. Specialists could try on the scene the reliability of strap fastening.

A large number of visitors showed a high demand for new marking solutions presented at Specta stand by thermo transfer printers, high duty tags and heat-resistant labels and tags for hot metal products.

Specta experts gave over 250 consultations on metal product packing. Multiple talks and meetings resulted in a number of agreements on deliveries in 2016.


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