Measures taken! Specta is always there for you!

Due to spread of coronavirus infection and the existing epidemiological situation in the world, Specta has taken a series of measures for coronavirus prevention among its employees and has developed an action program for consistent supplies of packaging and labeling materials and equipment to its customers.

We realize how huge the impact of the epidemic on society and on business will be, we are constantly monitoring the situation and following the instructions of the local authorities.

By today, Specta has already taken measures to minimize the risks and continues working normally, which allows the company to operate in a sustainable way.

More frequent cleaning and disinfection of the company premises is enforced to maintain enhanced hygiene requirements. The employees have been instructed on the rules of conduct in conditions of epidemic.

Most of the company staff has been transferred to working from home. The contacts between production personnel have been minimized. Social distancing principle is strictly observed.

At the moment, all business trips are cancelled and all visits to Specta production plants and company offices by other companies’ employees have been put on hold, including audits and activities requiring participation of third-party individuals.

Specta Group has sufficient inventories of all essential raw and other materials for sustainable non-stop production. Our own warehouses in Europe, Middle East and inventories of goods at the production plant help to ensure continuous deliveries of the products.

Shrewd planning is essential to satisfy the needs of all our clients for industrial packaging. Considering the situation, we hope for your understanding and ask you to place your orders in advance at least 7-12 weeks prior to delivery depending on the region.

We are confident that the measures taken as well as coherent teamwork will allow us to minimize the risks of the virus spread among the Company employees and will help to ensure timely supplies of packaging goods to our partners to the full extent.

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