Lockdown is prolonged

On 2 April President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin addressed the nation and announced April a non-working month. This decision is aimed to limit coronavirus spread.

Today lockdown is the only effective measure against this virus and it concerns everybody: young, middle-aged and elderly people.

Specta considers it a correct and timely measure and starting from the end of February has been creating for the company employees all conditions for full-scale operations in the present situation.

Taking into consideration the importance of delivery of Specta packaging products to thousands of industrial enterprises the company was allowed to restart production and conduct normal operations strictly following quarantine regulations.

We are glad to inform our partners and customers that we have resumed work and continue to fulfill our agreements. All production lines have been working since Monday and shipment of the packaging and marking products are effected according to the agreed schedule.

The employees who are to be present at the enterprise are working according to the approved schedule following heavy security measures. The other employees are working from home.

Dear partners, we hope for your understanding and ask you to place your orders in advance at least 7-12 weeks prior to delivery depending on the region. This will allow us to make deliveries in due time.

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