Labeling products for non-ferrous metals: things to pay attention to

Copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, lead, nickel, chrome – all of those are non-ferrous metals with unlimited ways of use in modern industry. Production of metals in this group has certain peculiarities, one of them is the surface quality for the finished product –oxide film, excessive grain and porous structure.

That leads to a number of predicaments with labeling finished non-ferrous products – glue and paint have poor adhesion ability with them.

Having analyzed the properties of such surfaces, Specta specialists developed a labeling solution for non-ferrous metallurgy – Specta Ultraplast 501.RP label.

Undeniable advantage of Specta Ultraplast 501.RP glossy polyolefin label is the enhanced adhesive layer. It helps dealing with poor adhesion abilities as well as unhomogeneous and unclean surfaces of non-ferrous metal and chemical alloy products.

When creating Ultraplast 501.RP label, Specta specialists took into account all the properties of such materials, and attracted the largest manufacturers of non-ferrous metallurgy in Russia and the CIS for sample testing.

As a result of such close cooperation, the new label with all necessary properties was created. It has enhanced adhesion ability and therefore can be securely attached to the most problematic surfaces. The surface of the label is dirt resistant and provides good toner fixation. Information can be applied with a permanent marker. Also, Ultraplast material can be used at temperatures between -30 to 80°C.
The new Specta solution can be in demand in a variety of fields of modern industry from mechanical engineering and metal rolling to radio electronics.


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