HLS-Reality Event: A Triumph of Healthy Lifestyle

HLS-Reality, a 3-month marathon of a healthy lifestyle, finished at Specta. As a result, more than 82% of the employees participated in the programme and improved their well-being!

Specta management has always paid special attention to the health of its employees, and this marathon is another proof of that. For three months, ‘marathoners’ received expert advice on nutrition, exercise and mental health.

Webinars were chosen as the main tool of real-time communication, where each participant received feedback and assignments for individual work and teamwork. 

During this time, many ‘marathoners’ have developed healthy habits and learned how to support each other. It helped colleagues to team up. By participating in various team competitions, they headed to victory together, step by step.

We are certain that the positive effect of the HLS-Reality event will be observed in work performance as well. After all, a spiritually and physically healthy person will be a more productive one.


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