“Full immersion”: An internship of students started in Specta

Six students from Russia, Germany and the UAE came to Specta to take part in the training program. The internship is aimed at familiarization of teenagers with all stages of packing strap production and involves full immersion into the process — students not only learn how the enterprise works, but also become part of a team of professionals, seeing the company’s work insight.

The idea of such an internship appeared last year and was enthusiastically grasped by children. Having received a lot of positive feedback from the participants, the management of the company decided to prolong the program.

This time, the focus was made on sustainable development and “green policy” of Specta. Children were told the details of the packing strap production from recycled materials – plastic bottles. On the first day of the internship, the program participants arrived in Gatchina to PET processing plant. Here they saw how garbage is sorted out and how old bottles become flakes — the main raw material for PET strap production. Later children went to Kostroma city, where they saw how flakes turn into one of the highly demanded products of the company — plastic strap.

Acquaintance with Specta was not limited to tours to production: the internship continued in different departments of the company: legal department, marketing department, production planning department and many others. So children have received a full idea of a complex and multi-stage business process: from the recycled materials collection to advertising and marketing of finished products.

It is worth to note that four students are children of Specta employees. Their participation in the internship program holds out a hope of the labor dynasties formation in Specta. In any case, full immersion into the business process will allow them to feel what parents do at work.

After their studies, children participated in a meeting with the president of the company Erik Helin and made their presentation on the internship results to the management team.


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