Faster and more efficient

Specta and Microsoft have conducted a comprehensive upgrade of the former’s infrastructure. The new solutions enabled to cut costs and boost the efficiency of all operating processes. Thanks to Microsoft solutions, Specta was able to get rid of outdated systems that were hindering development and free up capacity to allow efficient operation. According to system administrator Dmitry Nazarov, this is a “step into the future”.

Collaboration, easy access

Security and robust encryption of the company’s data was one of the priorities of the upgrade. To this end, all corporate mail was transferred to the Exchange Online service. This email service meets all security standards and is automatically updated without the help of engineers.

The Microsoft Teams service was another crucial tool. This service enables employees to communicate, transfer files, and hold meetings and conferences.

It can be accessed from any device, making it perfect for working from home during the pandemic. The new teamwork service made it easier for Specta employees to transfer files larger than 500 MB. “Now, all files are synchronised and safely stored in OneDrive for Business,” says Dmitry Nazarov.

All data are safe and secure

A huge chunk of information handled by Specta employees is now stored in the cloud. This had a positive impact on the company’s budget. Now there is no need to upgrade hardware and spend big on buying servers.

Teamwork has also eased the workload on IT personnel – they can now monitor all processes from a single portal.

The infrastructure upgrade has also improved data security overall. 

However, partnership with Microsoft does not end there – Specta intends to automate its processes using SharePoint Online and manage tasks using Microsoft Planner.

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