Erik Helin, “Human capital is what our company cares about”

In March, Erik Helin, CEO of the Specta Group, was interviewed by RBC. The conversation was mainly devoted to economic changes after the pandemic and the human centricity of modern business. At the end of the publication, there is a link to the video, but for now, let us briefly summarize the main points.

During the interview, Erik Helin stressed that with the start of the quarantine, the main objective was to offer people some confidence in the future. Shut off from their social lives for the period of the quarantine, people were experiencing tension and anxiety. At the time, Specta concentrated its attention on effective communication among its employees via various channels so that they could feel their own value. “We emphasized time and again that there would be no reduction in force. We expanded the insurance program; when a child is born to a staff member, we pay the maternity allowance, the amount of which has increased recently,” Erik explained during the talk.

To keep fit even when working from home, each employee was gifted a set of equipment for exercising at home. And to keep the team together, Specta arranged a Care about Us health marathon. Mr. Helin clarified that, “as a part of the program we explain how to look after physical and psychological health, how to plan a family budget, etc.”

During the interview, Erik Helin pointed out that the pandemic is not over yet, but only healthy people are able to take care of business matters. For this reason, Erik was vaccinated at the first opportunity. He described his personal vaccination experience: “As the first member of our team, I got the injection, and we are now actively making the staff aware of vaccination. Still, everyone makes their own decision.” Despite the unstable global situation, the company’s CEO noted, “We feel very optimistic about the future and are continuing an active investment policy.”

In the new year, work will resume on projects suspended in 2020; directions related to labeling and expansion of the production capacity will also be actively developed.

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Эрик Хелин для телеканала РБК

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