Education is the best gift

Children from Makariev and Ostrovsky orphanages received an opportunity to learn and have fun. Land of Thousand Lakes – a charity Foundation established by Specta – presented the children with New Year gifts – certificates that they can spend for an educational and recreational trip.

Friends from the Foundation are well known to children of Ostrovsky orphanage for a long time; they have been coming here for a number of years. This year, the traditional visit to the orphanage concurred with a great event – the 25th Anniversary of the institution. At the great celebration, the gift certificate was presented to children by representatives of the Foundation. Children can choose where they want to go and select the trip program – tours, parks, museums – for the amount specified in the  certificate.

However, the gift became a complete surprise for children from the town of Makariev. This orphanage is located very far from Kostroma and guests visit it quite rarely.

“Makariev orphanage is three hours away from Kostroma and we don’t get a lot of visitors here, especially those bringing gifts, – said Irina Golub, the Director of the orphanage. – We rarely have an opportunity to go somewhere too, as organizing a trip for so many children requires a lot of funding. The certificate for a field trip is one of the best gifts for our children.”

The charity Foundation “Land of Thousand Lakes” pays great attention to education of children left without care. The Foundation supports talented children and teenagers with grants and scholarships through various programs and gives them an opportunity to develop their talents.

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