Comprehensive packaging solutions of Specta attracted great interest in Saudi Arabia

The Iron & Steel 2019 International Conference took place in Riyadh from 16 to 18 of September. The event of that scale is held in Saudi Arabia for the first time. The conference was attended by 850 delegates, including representatives of leading steel manufacturers from all over the world. Specta was represented by Erik Helin, CEO of Specta Group and Michael Odicta, Head of Sales in the Middle East region.

The conference was organized by a non-profit organization, the National Committee for Steel Industry of Saudi Arabia. The Committee was formed specifically to create attractive conditions for development and investments in this sector of the economy. Such attention to metallurgy is due to the change of economic emphasis in the Gulf countries from oil production to industry.

“Steel is the foundation of our future,” emphasized many speakers in their speeches. Leaders of the Middle East and Europe steel sector discussed the current state of steel market in the region, made a forecast for future growth opportunities in the sector and outlined the ways for metallurgical enterprises cooperation in the Persian Gulf countries.

In the context of rapidly changing political and economic paradigms and demographic trends, the steel sector needs to quickly adapt to the changing environment. However, the emerging of new investment regions that are rapidly developing, such as India, Africa and South-East Asia, has been marked as a positive change, plus there are investment needs for the transition to a digital world coming forth.

Analysts noted that in general the steel industry market is not expecting any major global distress – according to preliminary estimates the demand for metallurgical products will slowly grow in the long term (except for the countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and India, where the projected demand will actively increase together with the developing metallurgical industry).

Within the economic changes, the packaging and labeling solutions of Specta for metallurgical industry attracted a great interest among steel manufacturers. “Iron & Steel conference has opened up great prospects for us”, – noted Erik Helin, CEO of Specta Group. During the three days of conference, Mr. Helin held numerous meetings with industry leaders and authority representatives of Saudi Arabia, including the new Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources Bandar Alkhorayef. In his conversation with Mr. Alkhorayef and Dr. Al-Jarbou, Chairman of Sabic, Erik Helin emphasized the importance of having the first metallurgical conference in Riyadh and noted that this is the right way to attract investors.

Mr. Erik Helin (CEO of Specta Group), Mr. Mohammed Saleh Al-Jabr (Vice Chairman National Committee for Steel Industry), H.E. Bandar Alkhorayef (new Minister of Industry & Mineral Resources)

Technological innovations, which сan bring Saudi Arabia’s metallurgical sector to a new level and reduce production costs, were another important topic actively discussed at the conference. In this context, Specta products that meet all latest requirements proved to be quite relevant and desirable.

During the meetings, Mr. Helin and Heads of iron and steel companies Mr. Longobardo (Arcelor Mittal Jubail), Mr. Khawagi (Solb Steel), Mr. Hamza (Unicoil), Mr. Al-Zahrani (Hadeed), Mr. Singh (Sulb) and Dr. Al-Jarbou (Sabic) discussed the packaging optimization process and got acquainted with the advantages of high-tech packaging and labeling solutions of Specta, tailor developed for metallurgical industry to help significantly reduce costs of labeling and packaging for steel products.

Representatives of metallurgical companies expressed particular interest in the following heavy-duty steel strapping products: SPECTA FACTOR, SPECTA FORTE, SPECTA FORTE 15, heat-resistant labeling materials like self-adhesive SPECTA ULTRAPLAST labels and SPECTA POLYPLAST self-locking tags. They also discussed plans for further cooperation and possibilities for testing Specta products at the manufactures.


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