CEO of Specta Group vaccinated with Sputnik V

Mass vaccination against the coronavirus has begun in Russia. The company’s executives have become the first example for employees. CEO of Specta Group Erik Helin and General Production Director Yuri Tevs were vaccinated the other day.

Mr. Helin shared his impressions about the vaccination with employees during an online meeting.

The decision was made by Mr. Helin after a thorough research. “For me it was not a question of whether to vaccinate or not, it was like facing the choice of being connected to a ventilator device or getting vaccinated. The questions were different: when to do it and which vaccine to choose. I decided to vaccinate now, because spring is coming – during this period, the immunity decreases, and new virus mutations become more dangerous. And you should get vaccinated when you are healthy – this reduces the risk of possible side effects on the body. Especially given the fact that there is a catastrophic shortage of the vaccine in the world and luckily it is available in Russia, so there was not any reason to postpone my decision. In a situation where there is a risk to life, I prefer to protect myself in advance”.

Erik Helin felt fine after the vaccination. “There was a slight rise in temperature of 1.1 degrees, but that meant the body was reacting to the vaccine and that’s how it should be. The very next day my temperature returned to normal and I felt as usual. Social distancing can be compared to the traffic rules and vaccination – to fastening a seat belt to avoid creating dangerous situations for ourselves, our loved ones and others “.

Specta’s personnel is now going through the vaccination to stay healthy, and we continue to take measures proactively in order to maintain the excellent level of services.

Erik Helin's vaccination procedure  Erik Helin's Sputnik V vaccination  


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