Be ready for the season – timber and lumber anti-septic agents

The season of wood felling and sawing is coming up. And we face some questions about fungi, mould and insects activity protection. For preliminary timber protection SPECTA prepared special anti-septic agents SINESTO® B and Wolmanit® CX that suit all the labor safety and environmental protection demands.

Anti-septic SINESTO® is registered more than in 20 countries of the world. It takes the leading position in Europe among timber protection agents. We recommend that lumber be treated with Sinesto® immediately after felling or sawing, to prevent timber bluing before its further processing. However, this timber anti-septic agent allows long-term protection irrespective of the treatment time – either after sawing, or before packaging, or after technical drying. The right concentration and the proper application guarantee reliable protection in any environment.

Sinesto® may be applied either by plunging timber into the solution or by treating the timber surface in a spray chamber.

Wolmanit® CX-8 is fully water soluble agent and is used to protect timber from fungi, rot and insects. The agent does not contain chromium and arsenic and is intended for vacuum pressure soaking of timber. Timber treated in this way is used for different structures such as fencing, posts, banisters, terraces, balconies, timber decks, garden furniture, equipment for children’s playgrounds etc.

The Nordic Timber Protection Council approved the application of Wolmanit® СХ-8 for soaking of all of AB class timber types. So for today Wolmanit® СХ-8 is one of the most safety agents for pressure soaking of timber.

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