A brand new product in the range of Specta PET packing strap

In line with its production diversification strategy, Specta has developed and launched the manufacture of a new brand of polyester packing strap – Specta Auris. Production of this strap was the natural outcome of the process of continual development and rationalization of our technologies. This kind of strap was developed with a view for special requirements of our customers.

Industrial tests of the new kind of strap have been a success at industrial enterprises in Russia and the CIS. The Specta Auris strap has made a good showing everywhere. Its key advantage is that it has identical strength characteristics at a smaller weight.

The strap has a special surface embossment to improve its strength parameters. It has high elasticity and a relative elongation of within 12-25%, thus enabling the strap to retain its plasticity under high mechanical loads. Presently, six sizes of the Specta Auris strap 9.2 to 19 mm wide have been launched into production. It can be used with both manual tools and automatic strapping machines.

AURIS is the innovative development of our process engineers. It realizes the principle of environmental safety coupled to strength and usability of products. Using recyclable raw materials means that several more tons of salvaged PET bottles will be upcycled to packing strap.


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