Nail two birds with one stone.

High requirements for the quality of rolled steel, used in construction, force the manufacturers not only to enhance production quality and expand assortment but also to invest into modernization of manufacture and packaging.
The world’s largest producers turn to modern packaging methods, providing intact quality of the metal products while being shipped and delivered to the final consumer. They also install new packaging equipment and procure tools requesting quality consumables: steel packaging straps, seals and marking.
Modern packing materials have to meet a whole range of requirements:
–  maintain the products intact during shipping;
– provide sustainable operation of strapping equipment along with reducing its maintenance costs;
– cut down technological breaks caused by feeding consumables.

Business case                                                                                                                                      BEFORE

Problem: a leading Azerbaijanian steel mill, Baku Steel Company, has long used traditional methods of rebars packing with wire. This method does not provide reliable tight packing of the products, which means that during loading and transportation the packs loosen, lose their shape and fall apart before delivered to the final consumer. 

Solution: Specta offered a rational solution able to optimize the packing process, stacking, shipping and distinctly marking the products:

– packaging strap Specta Factor 32 х 0.8 mm with printed brand name Baku Steel Company;

– seals 32х57х0.9;

– pneumatic packaging tools Specta Sumo and Specta Katana.


The transition to modern packing allowed to:

– mechanize and speed up the process of packaging;

– enhance the packing and stacking conditions;

– promote brand and make the products recognizable during shipping and storing;

– tighten the strapping and thus improve the packing quality;

– cut down the consumables costs and thus total costs of packing process by 64% per pack


Specta has everything to provide you with top quality packing:


– all kinds of packaging straps of all sizes, mechanical characteristics and coil sizes enable us to customize optimal strapping materials matching up any modern packing equipment made by any world producer;

– we can help you optimize your packing process through introduction of strapping tools and automatic or semi-automatic equipment, that will certainly reduce your financial and labour expenses on packing.



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