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Michael Odicta: ”Life has taught me to value human relationships”


The Middle East region is believed worldwide to be one of the most promising as far as business development is concerned. Michael Odicta is lucky to witness that personally – since 2014 he has been working in Specta’s Dubai office supervising the company’s projects in the Gulf Region. Michael’s life is about constant movement. What is it like to work at the heart of the world’s tourism and collaborate with Middle East region? Michael told us this in his interview.

Michael, you’ve been working in our Dubai office since the day it was opened. What challenges did you face at the very beginning?

In September 2014 I joined Specta as a logistics manager. At the same time, I took care of administrative and operation issues related to the office. At first, it was very challenging to arrange delivery and track that the customer gets his order on time – it required well-coordinated work of the whole team: both the warehouse workers and the salespeople. It wasn’t just communication but also loads of paper work. At this uneasy time, the company had to work out a system of bringing the documentation in accordance with the Custom’s guidelines, which naturally facilitated the delivery process.

Dubai is recognized worldwide as a paradise for entrepreneurs. Thus, the number of industries that need our products is supposed to grow. Have you noticed any inflow of new major clients recently?

That’s right. Not only in Dubai but also around Middle East. The recent exhibition in Egypt undoubtedly proves that.

There is immense construction going on in Dubai for the upcoming World Expo 2020. How are Specta’s products related to that?

By all means, Specta products will be used in the upcoming World Expo 2020. There will be lot of construction going on, and steel will be used. Suppliers will definitely need our products for packaging.

What have you learnt working with Specta?

Working with Specta, and especially here – in the Middle East region, I’ve learnt to value the relationships with clients and colleagues, to be committed to what you do and to develop a business acumen.

Does your job involve a lot of traveling? Which trip impressed you most?

Oh, yes. A lot. I’ve learnt a lot on my trips to Egypt, Pakistan and Oman. They helped me to get the overall idea of the market development.

You are living and working in a major tourist hub. How do you spend your holidays? Do you stay at home or rather escape the crowds in some remote place?

I always spend my holidays with my family. I usually travel back to my home country – the Philippines – so I can spend quality time with my wife and children. We go out of the town together visiting relatives and friends, sometimes spend time in the country side in beaches.

Apart from work, what are you into?

Photography is one of my passions.

What makes it so appealing to you?

For me, photography is a vehicle for adventure. It permits me to meet people from all walks of life, visit new places, and immerse myself in challenging and unfamiliar environments.

Wildlife photo contest 2013

What do your shots portray?

I love taking pictures of people and their emotions, places, and cultures – mostly capturing images of love, pain, poverty, and wealth with human drama. I always want a normal object to turn into a masterpiece through my eyes.

Having such a tight schedule, how do you manage to find time for your hobby?

I mostly do it at weekends.

Your photographs have been awarded in various international contests. How significant is recognition to you?

I hope that participation in such competitions and exhibitions will help my images reach farther, making them accessible to a wider audience.

How do you see yourself in twenty years?

I guess, I will have retired by then and will be happy to realize that all these years I have been promoting the company’s success and assisting its growth and development.

And what about photography then?

I am fond of studying and hope to keep honing the craft that I have grown to love.

And what about photography then?

I am fond of studying and hope to keep honing the craft that I have grown to love.

UAE Environmental photo contest 2015 – 1st place winner

Dubai Mall photo contest, June 2014 Grand prize winner

Dubai Mall photo contest, March 2014
London architectural photography contest 2012- 2nd place winner