Labeling is the future

Specta offers new solutions for product labeling. In addition to the already well-known Specta Papyrus, Specta UltraPlast and Specta Polyplast, our range of labeling products is expanding with new tags and labels of Laser and Security sheet printing.

Marking and labeling solutions

The Laser family can be printed on A3 / A4 / A5 office color and monochrome laser printers. The Security family’s self-adhesive labels help to protect products against counterfeiting.

Amidst universal digitalization, labeling is becoming one of the main tools for bringing necessary information to the customer. Marking enables manufacturers to use digital services, reduce errors in technological and logistics chains and eliminate product misgrading.

Labeling is an easy, fast and cheap way to take your business to the next level. By using pre-printed marking (logo, design), you will emphasize your corporate identity, attract attention and also have the opportunity to use QR codes to access digital services.

This year, we continue to invest in the purchase of new and modernization of existing equipment. New equipment for full-color printing allows you to work with transparent, colored, self-adhesive and special materials with a thickness of 20 to 500 microns, monofilms, laminates, print variable information (text, numbers and symbols, barcodes, serial numbers, etc.), and carry out double-sided printing.

The new equipment, together with proven Specta materials, opens up new markets for the company, expands the range of proposed solutions and accelerates order fulfillment.

Labels and tags

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