Actions speak louder than words. Specta – automatic packaging machinery.

What to do if the packaging equipment at the plant is just bringing trouble: is breaking down, delaying the shipping process and requires endless maintenance? This is a problem that was encountered by Taleon Arbor, Russia’s largest OSB producer with an annual OSB production capacity of 500,000 m3, for which any delay in the shipment of products is critical. 

Taleon Arbor had two packaging machines. Over the two years of operation they did not show themselves from the best side: constant breakdowns were slowing down the whole production cycle and the plant was incurring losses – due to both repairs and delays in the shipment of finished goods.

Finally, a “boiling point” was reached, and they at Taleon Arbor decided to dismantle the old packaging machines. Then, Itipack strapping machines were installed instead of that ineffectual equipment. This Italian company has been manufacturing strapping systems for over 40 years and today is the undisputed leader in developing innovative equipment for packaging finished goods.

Since the installation of this equipment employees at Taleon Arbor have appreciated the indisputable advantage of the new machines equipped with an automatic system for placing cardboard corner pieces and wooden blocks under the stack. All the operator has to do is to put corner pieces and blocks in the feeder, and the automatic system will do the rest of the job: will pick up corner pieces from the feeder, place them on the stack corners and put blocks under the stack, after which the strapping process will begin.

The whole process is fully automated and requires only one operator! The operator’s tasks include controlling the process and filling up the machines with the necessary packaging materials: PET strap, cardboard corner pieces and wooden blocks.

Itipack machines work failure-free and therefore ensure the maximum production capacity. All customers receive their products on time, and the company no longer has to spend money and time for equipment repairs and many operators. 

The official representative of the Italian company in Russia is Specta.

Accordingly, should customers have any questions regarding operation of the equipment, they will not be alone, as Specta’s specialists are always ready to go to the plant to perform service maintenance and troubleshooting.


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